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Guarding the gates of heaven isn't as sexy as it seems. There's no room for creativity. You must judge everyone by the Ten Commandments (which you were provided in a handy-dandy pamphlet on your first day). And if you mess up, God's always right there breathing down your back. God is such a busybody.

Anyway, it's not an easy job, but someone's got to do it. You've mysteriously been chosen from among the millions of souls lounging around the Eternal Rest day spa. If you're ready for an adventure, then you should probably calm down, because it's time to settle into a fat desk and sort through the paperwork of the deceased. Good luck.


You will be asked to judge a series of characters based upon their life history, which they will give you on a scroll when they reach your desk. People who violate the Ten Commandments should be sent to hell (by pulling the lever on the left), and people who do not should be allowed to enter heaven (by tugging the rope on the right). Impartiality is essential; no matter how much you hate someone, you must base your decision upon the Ten Commandments and the Ten Commandments alone.

If you send someone to the wrong place, God will send you a warning. If you do not repent and change your ways, then God will fire you.

God will also send you messages about random things throughout the game. Did we mention what a busybody God is?


Like a good heavenly clerk, you are unambitious. Right now, your main goal is to correctly classify enough souls to earn a wastebasket from God. It would be nice to be able to do something about all that desk clutter.

This is a game a group of TU students made during a 24-hour hackathon. Since that time, we have made a few bug fixes, but this is largely its form after 24 hours.


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